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Byta skinnställ? | Haldemar 2009-07-28 (13:04)
Grattis till en lyckad helg trots krangel med hojen/hojarna!!
Läste följande pa highsider.se:
"Fredde Watz är ikapp Cajback. Kanske att Watz byter skinnställ till nästa år? En mer avslappnad förare än Watz
får man leta länge efter."
Byta ställ? Läng pengarna pa köttsoppa istället tycker jag, verkar vara ett vinnade koncept!
Mvh fran österrike!

Dutch TT Assen 2009 | Henk-Jan Laning 2009-06-04 (23:42) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Very disappointed that the oppertunity TT Assen this year has failed.
We tried our best, but its frustrating that their is an age limit for 250cc start.

Well...we tried...so "take a look at the bright site"...maybe "Kingma racing"
has to come to sweden sometime (hahaha) for some nice race days!

Enjoy the weekend!

old man | Jan 2009-06-04 (22:35)
It is frustrating that an old man is not alowed to race anymore.............

Anderstorp SM 8-10 maj | Rachid Rachid 2009-05-13 (16:10) http://highsider.se
Grymt kört "Kung av Anderstorp"!

Du är min hjälte | Mikkel Torp 2009-05-11 (10:00) http://www.nordicbott.net mikkel@torps.net
Hej Fredde

GRATTIS till segrarna på Anderstorp. Du är min hjälte ändå du kör jappsen.

Anderstorp | Magnus Fransson 2009-05-10 (21:18)
Hade resten av gänget glömt å koppla bort harven?
Grattis för tjyven!!! Hepp!

hej | pontus sundbrandt 2009-04-27 (11:34)
tjena fredde när ska jag spöa dig i gokart då?

Watz | Robin Watz 2009-04-15 (21:38) bobbbin_11@hotmail.com
Hej Hej.
Robin Watz här, ni vet säkert inte vem jag är men. Son till Urban Watz. Tycker det är lite coolt att ni/du har blivit så stora. Stort lycka till i framtiden!
Robin Watz

Raceday "Eastern Monday" Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2009-04-13 (22:26) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
At ten o'clock this morning it was time to go to the Assen racetrack.

The sun was already shining, so good to notice that the weather forecast was wrong....no rain today, but much sunshine, no wind and 22 degrees!!

Two Superbike races today, the first one started at 12:50hour.
Raymond Schouten was leading after the first lap. Behind Raymond there was already a 1,5 second gap....so strange to see, almost the whole race this gap was the same.
Gareth Jones, Gino Rea (he replaced the injuried dutch rider Joan Veijer), Bob Withag and Kai Borre Andersen made a good watching performance behind Raymond.

Gino Rea crashed and Kai Borre Andersen entered the pitlane with mechanical troubles. As Bob Withag for a while left the right track direction it was an unexpected third place at the end for French rider Maxime Berger.....and swedish rider Alexander Lundh took fourth!

Alexander was riding great, he has to give everything against the Ducati guys Arie Vos and Ghisbert van Ginhoven. Passing a backmarker at the straight end, I saw Alexander stretching his leg...he was frustrated with the backmarker or his leg was cramped (haha).

Result first race:
1. Raymond Schouten
2. Gareth Jones (australia) + 4,3
3. Maxime Berger (french) + 9,9
4. Alexander Lundh (sweden) + 16,0
5. Arie Vos + 16,6
6. Ghisbert v.Ginhoven + 18,2
14. Hampus Johansson + 56,5

Waiting for the 125cc race there was time for a paddock walk. It was so good to see Jaap Kingma, his brother, our TT '08 photographer Henk Teerink and Roel at the staying place racing team ermelo.
Roel is a "big person" comparing to this team....one of the (125cc) riders is...Tasia Rodink.
Tasia was Fredrik's gridgirl last year TT !!.
We drunk a cup off coffee and offcourse we spoke about Watz Racing....don't worry, it was only good words!

After that I visit the Fagerhaug family. At the moment I arrived Sturla had a conversation with Jürgen vd Goorbergh. It was nice talking, you could see that there was a "click" between those two. So good that Jürgen is around to speak and help young racers!.

At the end off the first lap 125cc Pepijn Bijsterbosch (second practice) crashed at the last corner and took Daniel Kartheininger and Robin Mulhauser with him. So Sturla was third after the first lap.
In front where Michael vd Mark and Marvin Fritz. These two where much to fast, and made a great race
for victory. Sturla's bike was not the fastest so Frank vd Dragt and swedish rider Alexander Kristiansson past him only because there bike was faster.

Behind Sturla there where more faster bikes, but Sturla was able to hold fifth place.
At the rostrum I saw instead off dutch rider Frank vd Dragt, the young swedish rider Kristiansson on third spot.....Frank has made a jumpstart and 20 seconds penalty....so Sturla ended fourth!

Result 125cc
1. Michael vd Mark
2. Marvin Fritz + 0,2
3. Alexander Kristiansson (sweden) + 36,2
4. Sturla borch Fagerhaug (norway) + 43,0
5. Damien Raemy (swiss) + 43,1
6. Joel Bigler (swiss) + 43,2
7. Kevin Valk + 46,2

Last year 250cc champion Mark Bezemer was 14, and our gridgirl Tasia 17.

The second superbike race started without Arie Vos. The Ducati from Arie got mechanical problems.
First race winner Raymond Schouten crashed at the second lap and Gino Rea followed him at lap four. Gino crashed in both races....don't believe that the mechanics where happy with him today....

Second Race result:
1. Gareth Jones (australia)
2. Kai Borre Andersen (norway) + 4,6
3. Maxime Berger (French) + 5,5
4. Bob Withag + 12,6
5. Alexander Lundh (sweden) + 14,6
6. Ghisbert v.Ginhoven + 17,4

Don't no why...but Hampus Johansson was not taking part second race.

Due to the fact that there where some riders not starting, former ice-skating champion
Rintje Ritsma made his first motorrace. Rintje ended at 30 and last place, no worse talking
about that...respect for a great sportmen!

Sorry for the long story....race result Supersport 600

1. Arie Vos
2. Ronald ter Braake + 2,3
3. Vincent Lonbois (belgium) + 4,7
4. Roy ten Napel + 5,2
5. Swen Ahnendorp + 13,6
6. Joey Litjens + 14,4

Unfortunately after the last race it was not possible for me to say goodbye to the Faugerhaug family (they already left)....I hope that they have a good save journey back home!

Enough for this moment....it has been an fantastic race weekend!

Good work! | Linda 2009-04-11 (21:39) http://This one info@watz-racing.com
Thank you Henk-Jan for updates from Assen. We really would have liked to be there, we miss you all, but for sure we are coming later this season, so until then keep the good work up and say Hi to everybody from us.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and give our best to Wilma and Melvin.
Big hug, Linda

Practice "Eastern saturday" ONK Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2009-04-11 (21:30) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Almost nine o'clock in the evening....time to leave the backgarden and put some words on the guestbook comparing today's practice at Assen.
Sitting so late in the backgarden means that it was a beautiful summer sunny saturday.

First interesting practice (125cc) started this morning at 10:30hour, so no early leaving home.
The sun was already trying to get through when I travelled to the track. The last mile before the parking place I say some bikers in the mirror coming from behind.....same procedure as always:
"turn the radio off and the window down....enjoy the bikers music when they are passing"

It felt so good..to see the track again after so many months.
The weather conditions today where perfect. No wind, sunny and 22 degrees.

The 125cc class was dominated bye Michael vd Mark. No one was able to really follow Michael.
Swedish rider Alexander Kristiansson was third after the first practice, but is starting fifth on monday.

125cc (25 competetors)
1. 1.48,8 Michael vd Mark
2. 1.50,1 Pepijn Bijsterbosch
3. 1.50,3 Marvin Fritz (Germany)
4. 1.50,9 Frank vd Dragt
5. 1.51,0 Alex Kristiansson (Sweden)
7. 1.51,5 Sturla Borch Fagerhaug (Norway)

Last year dutch 250cc champion Mark Bezemer is starting from 22e place.

55 riders started at 11:00hour their supersport practice. At the moment that the riders where
waiting for "the pitlane green light" I was missing (Fredrik & Linda) Watz racing.......

WorldChampionship competetor Arie Vos only took part in the morning session.
The second session Arie crashed at the first corner after completing his first lap.
Arie got problems with breathing and has to visit hospital for a check.
No injuries as it looks now...tomorrow Arie has to visit hospital again.

Two session result:
1. 1.43,6 Ronald ter Braake
2. 1.44,0 Arie Vos
3. 1.44,5 Joey Litjens
4. 1.44,7 Roy ten Napel
5. 1.44,9 Vincent Lonbois (Belgium)
6. 1.45,4 Hugo vd Berg

The superbike class got a very special rider on the entry list. Former and many times European and
Worldchampion ice-skating Rintje Ritsma is this year Superbike racing.
Unfortunately Rintje was not able to qualify....his head was red after practice...so he tried hard to go faster. Arie Vos only took part morning session (see story Supersport above). Arie was riding his 2008 champion Ducati champion bike.

Andreas Martensson was on the entry list, but was not racing today.

Practice result Superbike (49 competetors)
1. 1.41,8 Gareth Jones (Australia)
2. 1.41,9 Raymond Schouten
3. 1.42,1 Bob Withag
4. 1.42,1 Kai Borre Andersen (Norway)
5. 1.42,5 Gino Rea (Great Britian)
6. 1.42,6 Arie Vos
7. 1.42,6 Maxime Berger (France)

12. 1.43,5 Alexander Lundh
22. 1.45,4 Hampus Johansson

Nice to tell at the end.....at lunchtime I visit Fagerhaug family.
The parents off Sturla gave me very good Norwegian coffee and we talked nice about many things.
When they where leaving Norway it was snow...getting closer to Assen it turned to rain and grey looking...in Assen its was summer sunny on Friday and today!

Sturla's bike is not the fastest bike but this is not most important....Sturla is out on the track and can make many laps (kilometres) as practice for the Red Bull rookie cup race Dutch TT in June and 125cc practice.

Weather forecast for Eastern Racemonday?.....16 degrees and 65% rain possibility.

What's happening on Eastern Sunday in Assen?...don't know...maybe searching eggs gravel corner? (hahaha)

Enjoy Eastern...monday evening race info!

Eastern races Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2009-04-08 (22:42) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
After a long winter its time again for racing!

This coming Eastern weekend not only Qatar MotoGP but also the first Dutch Championship Races at Assen. Unfortunately no Watz Racing this time....

What to say about the entry list and "special" introduction:

125cc: 25 competetors
Sturla Borch Fagerhaug, Alexander Kristiansson

Supersport: 58 competetors
Arie Vos, Hugo vd Berg, Joey Litjens

Superbike: 52 competetors
Kai Borre Andersen, Alexander Lundh, Andreas Martensson, Hampus Johansson

Weather forecast (rain possibility %):
Practice Saturday: 20 degrees, 60%
Race Sunday: 14 degrees, 35%

Saturday evening "I'll be back" with practice info!

Dutch Racekalender 2009 | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-11-05 (22:09) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
PROVISIONAL Dutch Racekalender 2009:

No longer 250cc....only possible when 250cc UEM cup is fixed.

Eemshaven no longer on the kalender due to the fact that there is so much
building at the harbour place that racing is impossible....

No comment means Dutch Championship.

13/04 Assen
21/05 Hengelo (International race)
24/05 Hengelo
01/06 Oss
14/06 Assen
12/07 Oschersleben
09/08 Assen
16/08 Franchorchamps
23/09 Assen (IDM)
27/09 Assen

EC Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-09-14 (22:15) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
Due to the fact that I was staying at the Assen circuit from Saturday till Sunday it was
not possible to inform you earlier about the EC 250cc event Assen....sorry!

Well lets start with saturday practice day:

Arriving at the circuit the sun was trying to get a place on the sky.
No rain the weather forecast said but it was very very windy.

Time schedule 250cc was changed. First time table three 30minutes sessions,
but it was now two sessions. Why?

Well Assen got some problems with the bike "music/noise". Too much
loudness means 10.000euro payment. If there are less than 30 250cc competetors
the average music is no problem, but a look at the entry list means 35 competetors.
So the organisation has to do something...don't accept 5 riders is not a good solution
so the only thing left was cancel a practice session.

At 11:40hour practice 250cc started. Little bit sun, 17 degrees...but very windy.
It was strange to see...the riders where taking the fastest corner at the circuit (Ramshoek)
with a lot of respect, most of the time inside "slow" racing. After the session many riders told
me that the wind was so heavy that it was to dangerous to take the corner with higher speed...

German rider Thomas Walther was fastest after 30minutes, passing his paddock staying
place I saw that he tried to get faster....broken fairings...
The swedish riders has to find there way on the high speed corner assen track. They have
had many races the last weeks, but with slower corners.

Second practice started at 15:40hour. Not so windy as first practice..so just wait for lap time improvement.. So nice to watch...34 riders on the track...10 years ago it was normal,
now its special. Overall level is not so high as former days....whats the future 250cc?

Starting grid 250cc
1. Toni Wirsing 1.46,9
2. Alvaro Molina 1.47,3
3. Omar Menghi 1.47,5
4. Toby Markham 1.47,6
5. Thomas Walther 1.47,7
6. Alen Györfi 1.48,0
7. Mark Davies 1.49,1
8. Ronald Beitler 1.49,2
9. Frank Bakker 1.49,3
10.Erwin Postmus 1.49,5
12.Rocket Robin 1.50,4
13.Lars Kristiansen 1.51,0
15.Joakim Stensmo 1.51,6
22.Anders Larsson 1.55,6
24.Hasse Gustafson 1.55,9
28.Magnus Sjögren 1.58,3
34.Patrik Fredriksson 2.05,7(not race permitted)

I know different days/circuimstances but Fredrik Watz was
riding 1.44,4 at the Dutch TT. No need to say that I/we missed
Fredrik/Linda very much!!.

Saturday evening it felt good to be at the paddock. At 21:30hour the
250cc riders where invited to presentation 250cc European cup races
2009. I want to tell you more about this plans, but just wait for a official press
release. When there is nothing coming the coming two weeks I tell you more
on this place.

Saturday evening it was not early bedtime...warmup starts at 12:00hour.
Sunday morning the sky was blue and the sun was shining soon. A look
at the enterance told me that there where coming many spectators.
I heard this evening that 7.500 spectators visit Assen, for a dutch race a lot.

WarmUp started at 12:00hour, just 8 minutes...so no time to waist.
Alen Györfi from Pirate Racing (Nice to see Norman again) was fastest.
Patrik Fredriksson tried to get start permission, but even big cigars was not
enough to get race start.

After WarmUp it was stressfull for the 250cc teams. Race start was at 13:00hour,
so just 40minutes to get race focus. Not good schedule...it was too much hurry.

I got a mechanic license so it was possible to make nice movie/photo
pictures on the starting grid. Many attractive grid girls..."Focus on the rider for
pictures HJ and not the girls..hahaha".

Alvaro Molina made a terrible bad start, and after the first lap he was 14.
Toby Markham was leading with a 2 seconds gap to Toni Wirsing.

Before ending second lap, there was a nasty crash involving scandinavian riders.
The corner just before Ramshoek (I call it Fredriks corner), Joakim Stensmo
was drifting to the outside a little bit. Joakim did not saw that Rocket Robin was
on the outside...so he has go back to the inside....there was Lars Kristiansen and
both Joakim/Lars crashed at high speed.

Joakim was able to walk away unhurt (his bike was completly broken), but Lars
was unconsious for a little time. He got long time threatment (better long and good
than fast bad) and was taken to hospital. Visiting his team members after the race
they told me that Lars was speaking, but got pain at his neck and back. His helmet
got a little track reminder, so this means no head injury.
I gave the team my phonenumber...need help? just call...lets hope that I don't get
a call the coming days and that Lars is well very soon!!!

Back to the race...

Alen Györfi was entering the pitlane after 2 laps with bike problems...it looks so good
for Pirate Racing this weekend, now no points for Alen.
Toby Markham was passed by Toni Wirsing, he tried to hold contact with the German,
but he was not able to do this. Behind Toby there was a few seconds gap to Italian Omar

Omar was fighting many laps with Thomas Walther and was lucky to get away from
Thomas, due to the fact that Alvaro Molina was coming from behind. Molina was fourth
after 14 laps race..to be honest..Molina was not good enough today for first place, even he
has made a good start.

Race result:
1. Toni Wirsing
2. Toby Markham + 8,3
3. Omar Menghi + 17,9
4. Alvaro Molina + 18,6
5. Thomas Walther + 29,6
6. Ronald Beitler + 45,4
7. Oliver Kohlinger + 52,7
8. Rocket Robin + 55,2
9. Mark Bezemer + 74,7
10.Anders Blacha + 79,8
11.Martin Johannessen + 93,2
12.Hasse Gustafsson + 99,3
13.Ferry Stoffer + 108,6
14.Bernard Depierreux + 1 lap
15.Carsten Schrötter + 1 lap
18.Magnus Sjögren + 1 lap

Italian rider Lucchetti DNF due to mechanical problems.
A very nice guy with a good looking bike and hair...

Very long story....I know...

EC Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-09-10 (10:57) hjlaning@hotmail.com
Weather forecast coming days Assen:

Thursday: 25 degrees (50% sun, 20% rain)
Friday: 19 degrees (0%..I know it looks strange..,60% rain)
Saturday: 17 degrees (35% sun, 35% rain)
Sunday: 17 degrees (65% sun, 5% rain)

EC Assen | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-09-04 (09:39) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com
35 competetors entry list EC 250cc Assen 13,14 September!.
Unfortunately due to circuimstances....no Fredrik (grmmmm).

Its to early but weather forecast:

Friday 22 degrees, 25% rain possibility
Saturday 21 degrees, 25% rain possibility
Sunday 21 degrees, 10% rain possibility

Next week on Wednesday update weather forecast.....

TT Assen 2008 | Henk-Jan Laning 2008-08-13 (22:09) http://Oude Pekela hjlaning@hotmail.com

Jaap Kingma has made a beautifull magazine comparing Fredrik racing TT Assen 2008!.

I know its 43 pages dutch...but many, many nice pictures.
Take look at www.jaapkingmaracing.nl and just click on the magazine.

Enjoy and thumbs up for Jaap !!...GREAT JOB !!...

Sönderslagen | Gustav 2008-08-02 (14:32)
Det är ju fan att du ska slå dig gul och blå hela jävla tiden. Hoppas det löser sig och du kan bli frisk snabbt nog för att spöa lite jänkare igen, lite mer tvåtakt också vill vi ju se.

Illa! | Gull 2008-07-31 (18:51) http://www.gull-racing.com andersgull@gmail.com
Krya på dig, Vi tänker på dig och personligen skulle jag gärna låna ut lite kroppsliga delar för att få se dig åka om det gick. (behövs ju inte så mycket när man skruvar)
Krama familjen...

// Anders

hei | Kubbis #61 2008-07-31 (00:27) http://fullkontroll.no
god bedring, må slutte med den 2-takts racinga, det er farlig.. hehe..
håper du er på banen igjen snart, så vi får hatt noen nye fighter;)

mvh Daniel Kubberød